Protecting animal performance from exposure to multi-mycotoxin contamination

TOXO XL is especially designed for situations with contamination of multiple mycotoxins, such as DON, T-2 toxin, Ochratoxin, Zearalenone, Fumonisin or Aflatoxins. In case of multiple mycotoxin contamination, it is crucial to apply different mechanisms that go beyond binding, as some toxins are difficult to bind. TOXO XL not only has smectite clays, that have been shown to be highly effective in reducing mycotoxin bioavailability, but also it mitigates animal performace impairment caused by exposure to mycotoxins.

Intestinal protection 
TOXO-XL supports the intestinal barrier function during exposure to mycotoxins. This is important as mycotoxins jeopardize the gut wall by displacing tight junction proteins. TOXO-XL contains a natural glucose biopolymer which supports the intestinal barrier function, thereby reducing toxin absorption.

Stimulates immune system 
TOXO-XL contains a powerful immunostimulant that supports the non-specific immune system. This contributes to maintaining animal health and performance, since most mycotoxins are immuno suppressive. When animals are exposed to (low levels) of mycotoxins for a longer period, performance parameters tend to reduce. By supporting the immune system of the gut TOXO-XL helps to maintain animal performance during exposure to a broad spectrum of toxins produced by moulds.


Smectite clay minerals, glucose biopolymer and β-glucans


Binds aflatoxins and mitigates animal performance impairment caused by exposure to mycotoxins