TNIbetain enables you to optimise your feed costs while helping to maintain excellent production efficiency and meat quality. TNIbetain has been tested extensively and complies with high quality standards. TNIbetain is pure and consistent, and of a high quality.

 These main features help to enhance animal performance.

-          Effective osmoregulation

-          Efficient methyl donor

TNIbetain is beneficial for osmoregulation as it stabilises cellular metabolism. This is especially important when animals are exposed to high ambient temperatures and (or) humidity. Osmoregulation is also important for a healthy gut function. TNIbetain balances water and salt concentrations within intestinal cells, protects intracellular enzymes against inactivation and enhances activity of the whole organism.


 TNIbetain is an efficient methyl donor. Methyl groups are essential for many metabolic processes including recycling of the essential amino acid methionine, DNA methylation, protein and fat metabolism and the production of carnitine and creatine. Methyl groups are vital in the production of milk, eggs and meat and during embryo growth and development in all species. As such, TNIbetain supports growth and development of young animals and supports fertility in sows. Additionally, research shows that TNIbetain reduces the ratio of fat to lean meat and reduces drip loss during meat processing. As such, TNIbetain benefits carcass quality.


As an important osmoregulator, use of TNIbetain in fish and crustaceans can assist in the transition from fresh to salt water. By balancing electrolyte concentrations it helps fish and crustaceans thrive and it improves production efficiency.


  • Natural betaine
  • Low dust


  • Limited hygroscopicity
  • Easy handling
  • Improves nutrient utilization
  • Effective osmoregulation
  • Aids ind maintenance of intestinal integrity
  • Efficient methyl donor
  • Improves carcass yield
  • Competitive feeding costs
  • Positive return on investment