Optimin®-SeY is an inactivated whole cell yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) product containing the essential trace element selenium in its natural bioavailable form L(+) selenomethionine. Organic selenium is more efficiently absorbed in the intestine than inorganic selenium. Selenomethionine is absorbed from the small intestine as a regular methionine amino acid and can immediately be utilised or stored in muscle proteins for later use.

Usage of Optimin-SeY in feed supports and ensures good absorption of selenium.  Optimal selenium status is a key success factor to safeguard farm animal performance and health status.


Organic selenium yeast - is a high quality source of selenomethionine and organic selenium.


Optimises muscle selenomethionine status

Helps the immune system to function normally

Prevents selenium deficiencies.

High bioavailability

Easily absorbed by animals.