Reduce contamination of feed

Between 0% and 6% of compound feed is Salmonella positive. Eliminating Salmonella in raw materials reduces cross-contamination throughout the feed chain. Fysal effectively reduces Salmonella in raw materials as well as in compound feed. The success of the Fysal products results from combining the most potent organic acids.

Effect of Fysal

The positive effect of Fysal is achieved by the effective reduction of Salmonella. Furthermore, it may reduce recontamination. The acids in Fysal are partly buffered making them less liable for evaporation. This may reduce recontamination of feed and raw materials and represents a clear benefit compared to heat treatment, non-buffered organic acids and other volatile Salmonella reducing products.

Reduction of Salmonella in feed chain

Fysal products not only act in feed materials, they are also effective in other tiers of the production chain. At the feed mill and farm Fysal helps to reduce recontamination by lowering bacteria counts in feed left overs in the feed system, such as silos, feeding lines and trucks. This is how Fysal supports the reduction of Salmonella in the feed chain.


Fysal products contribute to the reduction of Salmonella in the feed to food chain.


  • Reduces Salmonella in feed and raw materials
  • Long lasting effect