Fylax® Forte

Prolonged shelf life

Moulds affect ingredients in feed materials. This results in deteriorated nutritional quality, including reduced starch and protein content, and a poorer palatability. Moulds also produce mycotoxic substances which pose a serious threat to animal productivity. The combined organic acids in Fylax® Forte effectively reduce a broad spectrum of moulds. The activated propionates in Fylax Forte increase the porosity of the outer layers of moulds and effectively eliminate moulds. Mould cells differ from bacteria; there is both a cell membrane and an external cell wall that must be passed. Activated propionates increase the porosity of the moulds cell wall and cell membrane, opening the doors for organic acids to attack the mould.

The acids in Fylax Forte are partly buffered making them less liable to evaporate and keeping them active in the feed material. This is an important feature to ensure a long-lasting protective effect. The result is more effective mould control leading to lower dosage requirements to achieve the necessary shelf life and, thus significant cost savings.

The surfactants used in Fylax Forte liquid reinforce the anti-mould effect in two ways. First, they optimise the distribution of the Fylax Forte and water throughout the feed material to ensure that all the material receives the anti-mould treatment. Surfactants also reduce the surface tension of the free added water. The greater presence of free water, the more optimal the conditions are for the development of unwanted mould. Aw-values (water activity) higher than 0.6 indicate an increased risk of mould growth. The addition of Fylax Forte in the water makes it possible to manage microbial contamination despite increases in the Aw-value.

Improving feed mill efficiency

The surfactants in Fylax Forte liquid not only reinforce the anti-mould effect, they also improve processes at the feed mill. Increasing water-binding capacity and ensuring that the water is more evenly distributed throughout the feed material, makes it possible to optimise the moisture content in the final feed without negatively impacting shelf life. When combined with water, the surfactants act as a ‘lubricant’ in the pelletiser. The smoother pressing process helps to maintain the nutritional value of the main ingredients in complete feed. The lower press resistance also reduces the energy needed for the pelletisation process and ensures a more fluent production process by lowering the risk of blockages. Test results indicate that more than 70% of the added water can be recovered in the feed without negatively affecting shelf life. The result is an increase in manufacturing capacity. 


  • Free organic acids
  • Buffered organic acids
  • Activated propionates
  • Surfactants
  • Fylax Forte is available in both a liquid and dry form




  • Mould inhibitor
  • Guarantees the shelf life of grains and compound feeds
  • Feed mill efficiency through moisture optimisation, resulting in:
    • Energy savings
    • Improved pellet quality
    • Improved production capacity