Trouw Nutrition India's successful participation in the 7th Kolkata International Poultry Fair

20 February 2019

Trouw Nutrition India, a Nutreco Company, successfully participated in the 7th Kolkata International Poultry Fair held at Eco Park, Kolkata from 19-21 February 2019.   The response received during the Poultry Fair was overwhelming which is reflected in the fact that a total of almost 1000 farmers, feed millers, integrators, students and industry stakeholders visited our stand.  Kolkata International Poultry Fair is the biggest poultry fair held in India that offers a great platform to connect with the farmers.

Trouw Nutrition is the global leader in animal nutrition that has been supporting farmers, integrators and the feed industry around the world for over 80 years.  At Kolkata International Poultry Fair, we presented our latest technologies that aim to change the future of poultry business and support sustainable businesses.  The major attraction were the demonstrations held at the booth with NutriOpt On-Site Adviser and Mycomaster where participants were able to get a live analysis of the raw materials and finished feed.


Accurate on-site analyses of ingredients and mycotoxins

Trouw Nutrition demonstrated two high-end technologies which provide a solution for quicker and better decision making – aiding in increasing productivity and profitability of the farmers, feed millers and integrators. 

Nutriopt On-Site Adviser provides real-time, on-site analysis to assess the nutritional value of animal feed, including raw materials and silage directly from the field.  Users can scan feed samples and receive real-time data to maintain quality control and drive feed decisions.  NutriOpt On-Site Adviser makes it easy and efficient for farmers and feed mills to assure feed meets optimal quality and nutrition standards.  Supporting feed standards, the technology evaluates critical measures of feed quality including crude protein, dry matter, NDF and more. Advanced functionalities allow users to integrate the technology with other decision-making software used in their operations.

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Mycomaster is a rapid, cost-effective and easy-to-use system which can be operated outside laboratory for mycotoxin analysis.  Mycomaster helps to pinpoint the six most common mycotoxin levels in raw materials and finished feed.  Its easy functionality helps to gain full control over mycotoxin levels.

Technological innovations that will change the future of your business
As a one stop solution provider, Trouw Nutrition strongly believes in providing products and services that are relevant to the needs of the customers.  Applying science-based findings in an integrated approach connecting feed, farm and health management, can help farmers optimise nutrition, protect the welfare of their flocks and herds, and achieve improved performance without sacrificing economics.