First Installation of Moisture Management System in North Sumatera

30 June 2014




In the middle of June, Trouw Nutrition Indonesia has installed the first Moisture Management System (MMS) on of feedmills in North Sumatera.

Desi Ari Santi, Product Manager Feed Addictive, explained that MMS is designed by Selko to automatically detect and maintain or to optimize the moisture level in the feed. By doing so it could also lowering production cost within feed mill in regards of better energy (Amperage) consumption. In general, the level of moisture lost (shrinkage) in the raw materials of feed could be recovered by applying the MMS, thus the moisture content between feed batches can be well maintained

 The MMS sensor after the feed mixer, would detect and then calculate the required mixture of Fylax Forte HC liquid and water that is sprayed into the feed mixer (with certain ratio). The ratio of products and water will be decided based on actual reading of how much moisture were gap in feed mixer and the expected final feed moisture.

After the installation, Trouw Nutrition provides customer laboratory services including control moisture, mould count, water activity and stress test. “We hope that MMS installation will be installed in other areas in Indonesia and hopefully this application are useful for our customers and Trouw Nutrition Indonesia” said Desi Ari Santi.