Discussion about Feed Supplement for Ruminant in Ruminant Feed Technology Workshop 2014

15 June 2014





As part of its commitment to the industry, Trouw Nutrition Indonesia support and participate the seminars related to animal nutrition. In this occasion, Trouw Nutrition participated as a speaker in Ruminant Feed Technology Workshop 2014 that has been organized by the Association of Indonesian Nutrition and Feed (AINI) on May 22nd at Bandung, West Java.

Represented by Wira Wisnu Wardani, Technical Manager, PT. Trouw Nutrition Indonesia had the opportunity to deliver his presentation entitled “Feed Supplement for Ruminant”. The topic that was presented brought many questions and attracted interest from the audiences. They were very enthusiastic to ask and exchange the ideas on the issue of increasing the production and quality of milk in the dairy cows.

With the theme “Innovation Technology Feed Addictive and Supplement to Increased Productivity of Dairy Cows”, the event was attended by approximately 50 participants including specialist, breeders and animal nutritionists. Besides Trouw Nutrition Indonesia, there were some speakers who deliver other interesting presentation. One of them was the Ministry of Agriculture, Sub-Directorate of Quality Feed who delivered material on Policy and Indonesian National Standard (SNI) and Usage Monitoring Feed Addictive and Feed Supplements for Dairy Cows.

Participants shared the information and point of views about the related issues, they also shared the conditions and problems that exist in the field related to constraints in the face of limited food resources and low milk prices, which will have an impact on the inhibition of the increase in productivity of dairy cows.